Discover the medieval treasures of Italy in the Casentino Valley: the fortified town of Raggiolo.

Explore the small cobbled streets, flanked by houses and tiny allotments bound by traditional dry-stonework walls. Here you can admire the ancient fortifications and original elements that define this town, perfectly conserved to this day.

Spend your holiday at the foot of the Pratomagno Mountains in the Casentino Valley, between the traditional monasteries of La Verna and Camaldoli; the medieval town centre of Poppi and the splendid city of Arezzo, which you can easily reach by car for a day trip.

Take your time especially with Arezzo (located 40km away) for a thorough visit, ending with a delicious ice cream in the impressive Piazza Grande. As well as admiring the ancient and medieval history of the region, take advantage of the splendid surroundings with their breath-taking panoramas.

In our inns and restaurants you must sample the famous Florentine style steak or bistecca, possibly even in the beating heart of our region, Florence (60km away), while appreciating the works of art that made the city the centre of the Renaissance.

The city of Siena (90km away) also deserves a visit: it is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Tuscany, so we recommend taking this chance to experience the atmosphere of Piazza del Campo and the surrounding roads, which are mostly downhill when not uphill.


Since 2015, Raggiolo has been on the list of Most Beautiful Borghi of Italy, an Italian shortlist distinguished for its artistic and architectural quality, architectural harmony, habitability and for the conservation of the site’s original character.

Thanks to its dominating position, Raggiolo appears to still dominate the valley from above. Here, the noise of modernity is so rare that it feels like living in the past.

The historical heritage, the carefree and simple life of the townspeople and the humble secular traditions of local families still have deep roots.

The history of this place dates back to the 7th century when the Lombards founded the township. In the 13th century Raggiolo was subject to feudal lords loyal to the emperor; later Raggiolo was populated by Corsican emigrants, which is why the town is still called “Corsi country.” Only in 1873 was Ortignano merged with Raggiolo to form a new municipality.

Chestnuts were the staple food of mountain people, who had a strong traditional connection with forest animals and the landscape. Most of the inhabitants were artisan shepherds of unusual strength, lively intelligence, and whose life between polenta, boiled chestnuts and cheese during the winter cold was very hard and rather modest. That is why the Chestnut Museum offers visitors a journey through history to honour the protagonist of these woods.

Today, we can enjoy the beauty of the ancient town and be impressed by the strength of the traditions that are still being handed down, such as crafts and respectful relationship with nature, making the environment part of the protected area. The wisdom of the Raggiolo community and the original message of life have not been abandoned to this day.


Borgo of Raggiolo