With the motto “we give pleasure to receive pleasure” we have had the pleasure of hosting travellers from numerous countries in our small hamlet in Casentino. Our hotel quickly turned into a cultural experience for us and our esteemed guests.

The accommodations of the Scattered Hotel of Borgo dei Corsi are spread throughout the hamlet; they are all completely renovated, with the use of traditional building materials (stone, wood, tiles, visible brick, etc) in full accordance with the architectural character of the land.

While keeping the atmosphere simple and traditional, our accommodations are equipped with all the comforts and amenities of our time. The service we offer our guests includes access to the green oasis where our pool is located, as well as the (nearby but separated) enclosure for the courtyard animals. Here is where you can settle in, relax your body and mind, close your eyes and enjoy the unique silence of life deep in the forest.

In Raggiolo we are lucky enough to have some townspeople who run an excellent restaurant: the next-door Piazza San Michele hosts the Convivio dei Corsi. This is where our abundant breakfast is served in the morning, and this is where the staff know how to pamper you and your family, offering a journey through the genuine tastes of local ingredients and historical recipes from long ago, from a time when, to feel rich, people would think of everything they owned that could not be bought.

“The feeling of being in a new home” is the definition of hospitality that takes the name of Scattered Hotel. The lodgings are spread through various buildings, but are all located in the same historical centre of the hamlet. This hotel concept has proven to be particularly sustainable, bringing new value to uninhabited buildings, local businesses and the art of medieval hamlets like the Borgo of Raggiolo.

Imagine the slow rhythm of life with your nearest and dearest, as the first rays of sun rise in the morning; the stroll towards the green oasis and pool; the trails through the forest and the return to town, free from cars, with children in the small streets.

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation in a sustainable urban environment and delight in the feeling of freedom and trust in others.

At Borgo dei Corsi you will have an authentic holiday, immersed in nature, culture and Tuscan tradition.

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